Uber’s new feature will allow you to pay for someone’s ride from your account


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Uber, the widely known taxi hailing service is less than a decade old but has totally revolutionized how we use taxis. The benefits have been major thanks to the easy hailing of cabs, cheaper fares and convenient way of paying for fares.

It has had a limitation however, the system has been largely individual where you hail and pay for your Uber ride right from your own account. The only way you were able to share an Uber ride with friends or family is by splitting the fare which is done by the person hailing for the cab.

What if you wanted to pay for an Uber ride for someone who probably does not have an account with the company? This is what the company has announced today with their “Family profiles”offering where you can add upto 10 family members.

This is akin to the Business Profiles offering which was targeted to corporates which sends receipts automatically to the service that will be able to meet the expenses. In this case, this is targeted for families where you only need to go to settings, tap on “Add Family Profile” then tap “Create Family Profile” which then lets you tap the contacts to add on the profile.

This is a significant move by Uber and undoubtedly one of the most requested features for the platform. The idea that you can organize a trip right from your account and paying for it will make it easy to pay for family or a small office trips using only one account.

However, this feature is only being tested in the US (Phoenix, Atlanta and Dallas) and due to its limited release, it will be a while till we see the feature being rolled out worldwide.

Source: VentureBeat

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