Android One Infinix Hot 2 Receiving Minor Stability Update



The Android One smartphone available in several African countries and the Middle, the Infinix Hot 2, is getting a minor stability update months after it got the Android 6.0 update. That Marshmallow update has been a source of pain in all the wrong places for most users of the device. From our own experience, the device was almost unusable after installing the update. Not only did core features of Android Marshmallow like Google Now on Tap not work, the lock screen became non-responsive and the device was generally laggy.

Seeking to reverse this, or so we believe, a new update that promises to “improve stability, increase security, and fix bugs.” Basically just some housekeeping. Or what should’ve been there in the first place. The update also brings the Infinix Hot 2 up to speed with the latest security patches from Google.



This comes just a day since Infinix started rolling out another update to the Note 2 to fix issues arising from the first Marshmallow rollout.

You don’t need to do a thing other than visiting the settings app and checking for updates if you haven’t already been notified to download it. It’s a small update (just 14MB) so you can even download it using cellular data.

From our first interaction after installing the update, there is a noticeable improvement in response times. You no longer feel like tearing your shirt apart when all you wanted to do was unlock your phone and finalize some Easter plans. Now, only the extremely high Nairobi temperatures will make you do that and not the phone. Good riddance!


  1. But when i click restart & install, nothing happens, my phone only counting but not restarting.
    can anyone help me..

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