KFCB wants to regulate social media and people are not too happy about it



The Kenya Film Classification Board has been using social media of late to express the regulator’s opinions on certain issues that are apparently within their mandate. They wanted Google to take down a certain video on YouTube and wanted Netflix to be regulated.

They are now taking a step forward where they tweeted that they are partnering with other government agencies to regulate social media.

The issue of regulating social media didn’t go well with people on Twitter and they voiced their opinions about the matter:

The bone of contention is the confusion around KFCB’s mandate over the issue. On their Twitter bio, they have generalized their mandate:

Kenya Film Classification Board is a film content regulator working to ensure films conform to national films.

This is the confusion: On paper, it appears that KFCB does not have a mandate on social media and it is limited to regulating films. The Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 enunciates the role of KFCB:

kfcb mandate

On their website, they have added extra information about the role of the board:

kfc mandate on website

You may understand why KFCB wants to regulate social media. These networks have media content in them and they need regulation but the current legislation seems to be outdated to handle the new developments in the world wide web.

They didn’t specify which other government agencies they have partnered with to regulate social media and it is still not clear what “regulation” means. In other countries, regulation of social media means blocking people from accessing this platforms like during the Uganda elections and in Turkey.