Facebook Messenger has hidden features tucked within its code



Facebook Messenger has grown from its roots within Facebook and now it is an independent chatting app with  a huge user base of over 800 million active users. It has released interesting features on its platform like Uber integration, Facebook M and many more.

Facebook’s Director of Global Platform Partnerships once said that the platform is only 1 % finished and that is an indication we are to expect more features from the app soon. According to the Information, tucked within the code on Messenger reveals several interesting features that could be activated soon.

Apparently there are “clues”of how Facebook plans to turn Messenger to be a virtual store where you can use the app to buy stuff. In addition, there is “encrypted chats” which is reminiscent of what Telegram Messenger offers with their Secrets Chats feature. The other feature is syncing calendars within Messenger.

Facebook Messenger’s potential of being a market place is not strange at all. It has a huge user base with ties with Facebook and also would be complimented well with its virtual concierge service, Facebook M. The other feature about encrypted chat is actually a move to catch up with the times as we are in an era where privacy is an issue and people want to communicate safely within the interwebs.

This is not the first time we have heard of purported features that will be added on Messenger. We have seen reports of them possibly adding bots  and testing self destructing messages. Facebook Messenger is an app to watch this year and these future developments are an indication of its growing potential as a force to be reckoned with.