Get ready for longer videos on Instagram


instagram video

Instagram launched video on its platform after Vine, after the latter had shown that short videos are possible and people can be quite creative with them. Vine only allowed 6 second videos but Instagram upped them with a 15 second limit. Twitter took the crown later with 30 second videos.

Now, Instagram announced they have made changes to its video platform where now you can be able to upload 60 second videos, which is way more than what you can do on Twitter or Vine. This means that if there were scenarios you wanted to share to the world where the 15 second limit was inadequate, your prayers have now been answered.

Instagram also took the time to share an interesting statistic that relates to videos on its platform. In the past half year, Instagram users have spent 40% more time watching videos on the platform. This is not surprising since videos are way more engaging than traditional still photos and that is why its mothership Facebook also has been taking a keen eye on video.

This update will go well with several features that were updated recently on Facebook. A while ago, Instagram made a change to its UI where they rolled out view counters on videos. In some countries, they have curated videos named Spotlight Compilations. There is also an original video series that was based entirely on Instagram with 15 second episodes, which means now with the new update, these episodes will be longer.

That is not all. For iOS users, they have brought back the ability to make videos from multiple video clips which is cool. The new update (60 second video) will be rolled out from today and will be available for everyone in the next couple of months so you might wait a little. We now have to wait and see what the other competing platforms will respond to this news.