Kenyan Twitter gets all Sarcastic over Ezekiel Mutua’s comments

kenya film classification board

kenya film classification board

The Kenya Film Classification Board has stirred a lot of talk around social media on various things it wants to regulate. They burst into the limelight when they wanted to regulate Netflix, the American streaming company, where they stated it may threaten National security.

In another declaration, the regulator also wanted Google to pull down a certain video on YouTube amid uproar from Kenyans on social media. Not to be outdone, they also made a declaration that they wanted to regulate social media and people were not too happy about it on Twitter. That is not all, they caused a stir recently on social media when they made Coca-Cola edit an ad they advertise on television which scrapped a kissing scene.

The regulator has not stopped making unpopular declarations and their CEO, Ezekiel Mutua was on Nation FM today and made this statement.

People on Twitter responded accordingly where they made fun of the regulator and the CEO about their numerous bans. Kenyans on Twitter decided to come up with various scenarios the KFCB would ban and they were hilarious!

Skinny jeans


Kissing the bride

Naked Pizza

Naked Truth

Even Naked Wires!

That is not all, someone decided to open a parody of KFCB’s CEO where it makes fun of the banning declarations. It is a relatively new account where as of now, 12 tweets have been sent out and has started to get quite a following in a relatively short time.

As long as KFCB makes these declarations to the public, we will see such reactions on social media sites like Twitter and I have a feeling they won’t end soon.