Windows 10 gets Facebook and Messenger apps, Windows Phone gets a better Instagram app

New Facebook apps for Windows 10

New Facebook apps for Windows 10

Windows 10 was designed to bring the functionality that we have been accustomed to on mobile onto the desktop and that is why it has an app store and you can do stuff like share photos via a dedicated share button. When we visit certain social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter on Windows 10, we are accustomed to visit the website while on desktop and not the app. Well, Facebook wants to change all that.

This is why the company has decided to introduce fully featured Facebook and Messenger apps for Windows 10. The company claims that there are many people who use their suite of apps on Windows and these new apps will have the most up to date features and will run easily within Windows.

facebook windows 10 features

Facebook for Windows 10 is promised to load the News Feed much quicker than the web app, be notified through desktop notifications and also be able to be visually notified using its Live Tile. It also has the ability to let you easily share photos to Facebook right from File Explorer. It will include the latest features like Reactions, stickers and an in app browser for reading articles.

messenger windows 10

Messenger for Windows 10 will have the same features that you experience on the mobile app like stickers, GIFs, group conversations and will notify you of any activity using native desktop notifications. There is also a Live Tile for better visual updates.

instagram windows phone 10

Windows Phone was neglected for a while and people who were vested in the ecosystem were disappointed they didn’t have an official app for a while. They eventually got one but it was a Beta product that lacked features that were present in the other platforms. Now, Facebook has launched a new one for Windows 10 mobile that will include the new features enjoyed by other platforms like video, Explore and Direct

These features will be available today on both the Windows Desktop App Store and for Instagram on the Windows Phone Store later today. The company will replace the older Facebook app for Windows 8 with the new one although you can still use it.