Communications Authority of Kenya looking to fight Cyber Crime in Tender Notice


CAKKenya has in the recent past seen increased internet security threats which range from hacking, to stolen digital identities and even  malicious take down of content. The cases have mostly affected business but individuals have also suffered from these incidents. Keen on tackling these increasing cases, the Communication Authority of Kenya created new rules in 2014 to tackle these issues. Among the measures included the setting up of a forensic laboratory to monitor imminent threats, thwart possible attacks besides working with the Judiciary to tackle such incidents. Currently the National Computer Incident Response Team  handles cyber security incidents and the lab is set to bolster these efforts.

In an earlier report we told you that the government was planning to invest over Kshs. 13 Billion  in the next financial year to boost cyber-security.  Government agencies have not been spared by these infosec threats with the most recent one orchestrated by hacktivist group Anonymous. The group said it managed to amass over 1 Terabyte of data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The CA has now taken a move aimed at dealing with these cases through a tender notice seeking  to conduct a survey on prevention, detection and reporting of cyber crime in Kenya. The survey will target 20,000 respondents and administered via SMS. Once completed, the survey will provide  frameworks to prevent such incidents from taking place.  The survey will take place over a period of 4 weeks.