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CA Kenya

Strathmore and UoN Top Cybersecurity Hackathon Hosted by the Communications Authority

In recognition of the importance of governance in addressing cyber risks, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) held cybersecurity summit in Nairobi’s Safari Park...

Manutd, Liverpool, blink182 and More Passwords You Should Stop Using

Manutd, Liverpool and Blink 182 are some of the passwords you should stop using according to a survey done by the UK's National Cyber...
Matrix Ransomware

Cybersecurity Firm Sophos Detects Tens of Matrix Ransomware, Recommends Security Measures

A report published by the U.K.-based cybersecurity firm Sophos has shed more light on Matrix, a ransomware strain that continues to evolve since it...
Bob Collymore

Safaricom’s Newest Product is a Cybersecurity Solution for Enterprise Customers

Safaricom has announced its venture into the cybersecurity space with a new product. The telco, which is known for its carrier services and mobile...
Evelyn Kilel - Shehacks

How Shehacks KE’s Evelyn Kilel Mentors Women in Cyber Security

Cyber Security experts have been on a high demand over the recent years as more organizations continue to adopt technology systems. New innovations discovered...
CA Kenya

CA Kenya Warns Organizations Against Emotet, A Data-Stealing Malware

Kenya's ICT watchdog the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has announced the detection of malware that appears to target network systems. Named Emotet, the vulnerability...

How to Check If Your Facebook Account Was Affected by the Data Breach

On the night of 12th October (EAT), Facebook released more info about the data breach that affected its users. The massive security breach was...

Serianu Taps on Liquid Telecom to Offer Business Security Monitoring

Cybersecurity issues will remain a menace in the coming days as organizations across the globe try to hone safe practices in a bid to...
ddos security

A Matter of Minutes: Why Time to Mitigation is a Crucial DDoS Concern

Time to mitigation for professional DDoS protection needs to be emphasized more for many organization as this can mean the huge losses for businesses.
Cybersecurity AON

Lack of Cyber Skills Holding Back the Growth of Small Businesses

Digital transformation is happening as companies, including small businesses, strive to conform to modern digital practices to have an edge over their rivals. Some...
Cyber Threats

Organizations Yet to Cover the Basics to Thwart Cyber Threats

Having the right kind of information determines the survival or downfall of any institution, be it a business or otherwise. This is another way...

AON Kenya Introduces a Comprehensive Cyber Enterprise Insurance Solution for Businesses

Cyber risk is on all-time high, and features among the top issues in many organizations and businesses in a world where cloud computing, social...

Official Kenya Government Emails Used to Send Out Spam Messages

When you think of spam messages, the government is not the first thing that comes to your mind, well until now. A UK-based blog,...
Telkom Enterprise Cybersecurity

Telkom Enterprise Connectivity Solutions: Meeting Cyber-security Requirements for Businesses

The adoption of connectivity solutions for businesses and people in Kenya is on an upward trend (backed up by solutions such as this, this...
Kenya Cybercrime

How Well-Versed Are We About Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is common due to keen attention it has received from businesses, organizations and the government. Are we aware the rules that govern us?
Teen hacker

Kenyan Companies Lost Kshs. 17.5 Billion to Cybercrime in 2016

Kenya has in the recent past seen increased internet security threats which range from hacking, to stolen digital identities and even malicious take-down of...
Teen hacker

Kenya’s Cybercrimes Bill 2016 Proposes Stiff Penalties for Offenders

Kenya has witnessed a rising a rise in cybercrime cases in the recent past. These cases have affected both the public and private sector...

Insiders are Responsible for Most CyberSecurity Attacks in East African Organizations

Cybersecurity is one of the major challenges corporates are facing in the current business environment. Many of these concerns center around the rise of...

Communications Authority of Kenya looking to fight Cyber Crime in Tender Notice

Kenya has in the recent past seen increased internet security threats which range from hacking, to stolen digital identities and even  malicious take down...

Secure Email Service ProtonMail Opens to the Public, Avails Mobile Apps

You may have never heard of secure email service ProtonMail but if you have heard of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden then you are...

New Partnership seeks to tackle Cyber Crime through awareness

  In 2015, New Zealand’s parliament passed the Harmful Digital Communications Bill, setting the ball rolling in dealing with online trolls. The bill seeks to fine...

Kenyan Businesses losing Kshs. 15 Billion in Cyber Security attacks – Report

Kenya has in the recent past seen increased internet security threats which range from hacking, to stolen digital identities and even  malicious take down...

German Industry giants team up in New Cyber security venture

The cases of auto-hacks have grown tremendously in the last few years and particularly in 2015. From Tesla motors, Range Rover to Fiat Chrysler,...

Kenya’s Cybersecurity Efforts Great for Investment – Kaspersky Lab

Since the undersea fibre landed in the East African region, Kenya has made concerted efforts to take advantage of it. As an investment destination,...