A Periscope Live button integrated on Twitter for Android is under test

persicope-integration on twitter
Via The Verge
persicope-integration on twitter
Via The Verge

Twitter bought Periscope, the livestreaming platform slightly over a year ago and it brought about the age of livestreaming to the masses. Periscope made it easy to start a livestream within the app and it was so popular, it led Facebook to start its own livestreaming service, Live.

Since Periscope was a separate app, it was only natural for the eventual integration with its mothership Twitter partly thanks to its bigger audience. We have seen Twitter integrate Periscope with Twitter like live broadcasts within Twitter.com and the mobile apps which has made it possible to watch livestreams without necessarily login in on the app. Now, there is a new development in the further integration of Periscope into Twitter.

According to the Verge, some Twitter for Android users have started seeing a Live button which appears when you access your gallery from the app. The Live Button looks suspiciously similar to the Vine camera button, which is not surprising since Twitter also owns Vine. When you tap on the Live button, it apparently redirects you to Periscope so that you can start a live broadcast. TechCrunch was able to get a statement from the company regarding the test.

Over time, all users will have the ability to start a Periscope broadcast from Twitter.

Twitter sure is working fast to keep up with Facebook Live, which has moved from being available to celebrities to Pages quite fast and have been piling up features from time to time. Recently, Periscope made incremental changes to its platform that includes saving broadcasts for longer and a search bar which is a step in the direction. However, for Periscope to really take off, it may need to be fully integrated within Twitter without necessarily needing another app so that it can be able to compete with Facebook Live effectively.

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