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Instagram Is Coming For Periscope And Snapchat And They Need To Step Up

Snapchat and Periscope...the ball is in your court and we await your move.

Periscope Producer Transcends the Smartphone For Professional Broadcasts

Periscope wants its users to create high quality broadcasts with professional gear that couldn't be done with smartphones with Periscope Producer

Periscope Web Got A Major Refresh

Periscope has given some love to their web version of the mobile app with some important enhancements

Your Periscope Broadcasts Will Now Autoplay and Have Trailers

The world of live broadcasting is hot right now and Periscope does not want to be left behind. The Twitter owned company that is...

Periscope Has Joined the Curating Trend with “Editor’s Picks”

There has been a trend with social networks of late and it is curating content. This involves the companies setting up teams that will...
Periscope Integration on Twitter

Twitter Brings Periscope Live Button to the Mobile Apps

  Twitter bought Periscope last year in March and it has made it one of the most popular platforms for people to start a livestream....
persicope-integration on twitter

A Periscope Live button integrated on Twitter for Android is under test

Twitter bought Periscope, the livestreaming platform slightly over a year ago and it brought about the age of livestreaming to the masses. Periscope made...

Periscope’s new update involves drones, a search bar and broadcasts being saved for longer

Today Periscope has announced a slew of new features in a bid to remain competitive in the growing live broadcast segment of social media...

Periscope new feature is all about making doodles

Periscope is a popular livestreaming app that is owned by Twitter and recently celebrated its 1 year anniversary. It has however faced challenge from...

Periscope Revealed Milestones Achieved by the platform on first Anniversary

Periscope is 1 year old! It is amazing how time flies because it seems just like yesterday when the app was bought by Twitter...
Guy Kawasaki on Facebook Live

Guy Kawasaki reveals why Facebook Live is a threat to Periscope

We can regard 2015 as the year livestreaming on social networks really took off. Periscope and Meerkat were launched early in 2015 and the...
Facebook Live

Periscope should be worried of Facebook’s latest rollout of Live Video

In the past 6 months, Facebook has been rolling out Live Video to its users in phases. It was launched  to Public Figures that...
turtle cam

You will be able to see the Kenyan coastal reef via a Turtle cam on Periscope today at 5pm

Periscope, the livestreaming app owned by Twitter has been used all over the world by people to live broadcast events that are happening around...

Periscope broadcasts will now play within tweets

Periscope, a live broadcast service came into direct competition with Meerkat in a revitalized segment and that is why Twitter bought it early last...

Periscope revamps Global Map and adds support for skipping ahead on replays

Periscope is one of those livestream services that have gathered quite a bit of traction this year. It was bought by Twitter early in...
wildebeest migration periscope

Kenya Wildebeeste Migration Livestreamed on Periscope, Follow it here

In this day and age, you can follow what is happening from all over the world from where you are thanks to the increased...

Finally! You can now view Periscope profiles on the web

Periscope has announced that from today, you can now see your profile or other people’s on the web. This move is aimed at making...

Fashion Houses are using Periscope and Snapchat to showcase their collections

High end fashion houses  are adopting the use of livestream services like Periscope and video centric platforms like Snapchat to showcase their latest trends. The...

Blab is What Periscope Should Have Been From the Start

One thing that is common between new age  live-stream apps like Meerkat & Periscope is that the only social part of it is in...

4 Platforms Masaku 7s Organizers Can Use to Effectively Broadcast The Tournament

Masaku 7s  is a rugby tournament has become quite popular thanks to social media. Last year, thousands attended the tournament and I'm quite...

Live streaming app Periscope finally available on Android

Twitter's live streaming application, Periscope, is finally available on Android. Periscope premiered on iOS and has been a preserve of that platform up until...

Live streaming app Meerkat finally out of beta on Android

Meerkat, the popular live streaming application that just became available on Android as a beta not long ago has now shed that beta tag...
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Why STRE.AM Is A Better Alternative to Meerkat and Periscope.

Last week we told you about the new craze that is streaming applications. Two apps already have the pole position for this segment;...
periscope twitter

Move Over Meerkat: Twitter Launches Periscope.

In 2007, at SXSW, an app called Twitter launched.  Two years later, Foursquare became the obsession of festival goers. Now it’s Meerkat’s turn. Meerkat is...

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