Periscope Web Got A Major Refresh



If you are a regular Periscope user, you would know by now that it is a predominantly a mobile first kinda social network but you can still access some of its features via its website, cleverly dubbed

Well, now the company has rolled out a major update to the website version of the livestreaming service where you can access some of the features that were previously only available on the mobile app.

The headlining feature Periscope is touting over here is the channels feature which has been ported from the mobile app. On the mobile app, these are available when you tap on the search bar but on the web version, it is a different case.


There is now a dedicated “Channels” button which will allow you to see what subjects people are talking about on Periscope. There are two kinds of channels on the page, which include the curated channels from the editors which is created by a team at Periscope and a “suggested” one which involves channels displayed as hashtags (which show the number of live broadcasts in each). The suggested channels are updated in real time.

Speaking of those curated channels, Periscope will also continue to show breaking news events that are happening on Periscope like the famous attempted coup in Turkey in this section.

The new update also includes a new user interface in the homepage which lets you watch a bunch of live broadcasts which are displayed using large thumbnails. There is also a search button to look for particular broadcasts of interest.

This update comes hot on the heels of the VIP program the company announced recently which was a plan by the company to recognize the top content creators in the platform.

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