Periscope Has Joined the Curating Trend with “Editor’s Picks”

This is a nice way to discover the hard hitting broadcasts that were shot live on Periscope



There has been a trend with social networks of late and it is curating content. This involves the companies setting up teams that will personally come up with lists they think are relevant for the various communities on their networks. Twitter has Moments, Instagram too has curated videos and collections and not to be outdone, Facebook does curating on their trending topics.

Going back to Periscope, we know that they are a livestreaming focused company that has grown after being bought by Twitter over a year ago. They introduced Search recently that allows you to look for live broadcasts from all over the world. Within search, you could look for specific broadcasts which are tagged using broadcasts and now the company wants to expand on that.

In their new update, they are now showing “Editor’s Picks” within the search on the Periscope app which will allow you to see what they think are “unique moments on Periscope you may have missed.”

Periscope Editor Picks

When you check out that channel, you will see past broadcasts that Periscope thinks they are important enough for you to see. They also cover various categories ranging from politics to music and news. An interesting observation is that for some of the broadcasts in the collection, you will see a caption at the end of some of the posts which have been given a bookmark logo.

This will be a great way for an active Periscope user to keep up with the latest and greatest broadcasts that have been shared in the social network.