Why STRE.AM Is A Better Alternative to Meerkat and Periscope.

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periscope twitter Last week we told you about the new craze that is streaming applications. Two apps already have the pole position for this segment; Meerkat and Periscope. Both apps allow users log in with your Twitter account. Once you start a stream, the app automatically sends out a link to the stream to your followers. Anyone watching can follow along and comment on the live stream.  Streams can only be watched in real time – you can’t replay them but can save them to your phone.

While Meerkat is already available on Google PlayStore, Periscope is exclusive on iOS as another application goes by the name Periscope. The Periscope application on the Playstore lets the user see what’s using up all your storage space by representing your storage’s folder structure. But there is a better alternative. 

How Stre.am works

stre.am app

Just like its other famous peers, the app allows you to live-stream stuff to your friends and fiends from your wedding, to your new car or even a funny clip you are watching. The clips must be more than 3 seconds long. The streams are referred to as reels and are centralized based on popularity and those from people you follow. The app also allows users to share in real time over Twitter, Facebook, Google+, email, and text message, or to shoot 15-second “reels” that are available for 24 hours. It also enables real-time messaging during live streams, which allows people to communicate directly with the person broadcasting a stream.

Why Stre.am

Stream offers the user ability to share their video into a variety of forums, not just Twitter. Secondly, it offers the user ability to store the stream and share it later with other users.  Stre.am also gives the viewer more control than its peers offer. A user can anonymously watch (stalking) your content and has a choice of notifying you if they feel like it. The application is also available on all platforms from iOS to Android and is very neat.