Periscope new feature is all about making doodles



Periscope is a popular livestreaming app that is owned by Twitter and recently celebrated its 1 year anniversary. It has however faced challenge from Facebook where they have been pushing their Live Video platform aggressively.

This has not stopped Periscope from coming up with new features where for beta users, they can be able to to add doodles to their broadcasts as shown by this Periscope replay.

From the broadcast, he was able to make a doodle overlay on various objects in the room he was broadcasting from. It seems you can change the colour of the doodle and the interesting part is that the doodle does not persist on the screen as it disappears after a few seconds.

This comes at a time when Facebook made the same update to Live Video where they added Live filters and doodle support. Facebook however explicitly mentioned that doodle support will be added later on in another update.

A spokesperson from Twitter gave a statement to TechRadar about the new feature:

We’re testing Sketching to a small group of people. This feature makes it fun and easy for broadcasters to draw on the screen while broadcasting. Coming in a few weeks for everyone.

This feature will make it easy for broadcasters to highlight something they are talking about if they are trying to explain something on their vicinity. The unfortunate thing is that the feature is currently limited to beta users and it will be a while till we see it being rolled out to everyone.