Fashion Houses are using Periscope and Snapchat to showcase their collections


fashion houses periscope

High end fashion houses  are adopting the use of livestream services like Periscope and video centric platforms like Snapchat to showcase their latest trends.

The New York Fashion Week ended yesterday and from the event, it was revealed by Socialbakers that the designers who featured their latest collections on the event shared 47 Periscope livestreams as of 15th September. Some of these brands that shared the livestreams include Tommy Hilfiger, Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren and BCBG. BCBG to be specific shared the most livestreams (13) followed by Desigual 94). These livestream links were retweeted by the @TwitterFashion account:

The use of Periscope by fashion houses gives a unique experience to users following the livestreams since the people watching can engage with them in the backstage and follow the action on the runway. Rachel Dodes, head of fashion partnerships at Twitter was quoted having positive comments about the use of Periscope by Fashion houses: “The fashion community was one of the first to embrace Periscope when it launched and now for the fashion week, we’re seeing designers, fashion brands and models creating a multitude of engaging Periscope broadcasts to bring fashion closer to their fans.

Other famous fashion brands are using Snapchat too to display their latest collections to the world. Burberry, the famous UK luxury brand is venturing to Snapchat where they will debut their upcoming collection live on the runway. They will call it the Snapchat Show (Sounds like a sitcom) and it will involve broadcasting to viewers photos and videos of the event in two days time (20th September). Snapchat will of course broadcast this as usual in their Stories page where it will be shown as a live story with the Snapchat Show moniker.

These moves by Fashion brands to use Periscope and Snapchat is a big win for both platforms and for users alike. In the case of Snapchat, the Burberry event will garner quite a  number of replays and this  event comes at a time after they launched their new pay to replay snaps revenue model. For Periscope however, we have to see if Twitter will come up with a revenue model for it so as to monetize it the same way as Snapchat.

Source: Digiday, Verge