Finally! You can now view Periscope profiles on the web


periscope web profiles

Periscope has announced that from today, you can now see your profile or other people’s on the web. This move is aimed at making it easier to keep up with someone’s live broadcasts while on the web.

It is quite easy to access this. You only need to add the username of the profile of interest at the end of so as to access the profile. If the person has a recent broadcast, it would appear and if it was broadcasted a while back, you are able to rewatch it.

This is seen as a move to streamline the user experience of the Twitter owned app across the different platforms, although still you are not able to create a live broadcast, see the global list of live broadcasts, access your settings or see a list of Periscope users to follow. This would probably be added in the future.

The last time Periscope was updated was Couch Mode where it lets you watch continuous streams of video that were broadcasted earlier. It is nifty because you can keep up with livestreams of interest later, puny enough, at the comfort of your couch.

Also recently, Periscope updated the mobile apps to support landscape video which was highly requested by users since some scenes are better broadcasted in landscape (picturesque scenes for example). As a bonus, livestream video shot in landscape would look just right while viewing on the web, especially if you’re watching on your desktops and laptops.

This feature has since been rolled out to everyone so go ahead and check it out!