Periscope broadcasts will now play within tweets



Periscope, a live broadcast service came into direct competition with Meerkat in a revitalized segment and that is why Twitter bought it early last year. It has been used by users worldwide to broadcast live events in their lives or what is around them and has undergone various changes like addition of profiles for web and better Global map.

Earlier on, Twitter started unifying its various apps so as to provide a seamless experience. They started by connecting both your Twitter and Vine accounts  in such a way you could see the total Vine loops on your Twitter profile and your Twitter username will appear on your Vine profile. It was only a matter of time they connected Periscope to Twitter and that is what they announced today.

Twitter also took the chance to reveal that 100 million live broadcasts have been made to date this is from the 10 million active users the platform has. Previously, your followers on Twitter used to be notified of a Periscope by a tweet with a link of which when clicked, it opened the Periscope app to view the broadcast. In this iteration, the links have been replaced with the broadcast which autoplays within the tweet and can actually go full screen. The video feed will be like being in the Periscope app where you will be shown comments and hearts that have been generated by other viewers.

Unfortunately, this is only available to Twitter for iOS users in the next few days and will be rolled out to Twitter for Android and the web version later on. This is huge since it will open up your broadcasts to a larger audience and it might have an effect in the number of new app installs.