Your Twitter and Vine Account will be more Connected than ever

Twitter and Vine will be more connected than ever

Twitter and Vine will be more connected than ever

Twitter bought Vine 3 years ago and the unique thing about it is the way people shared very short (6 seconds) video in the most creative of ways. The app has over 40 million registered users and it has seen creative uses, most notably in comedy. In an interesting development, your Twitter and Vine accounts will be more connected than ever.

If you connect your Twitter and Vine accounts, your Twitter username will appear on your profile and also on direct messaging on Vine. If a person happens to click on your username on Vine, they will be directed to your Twitter account. Moving on to Twitter, there will be a setting that will let you display a link to your Vine account on your profile. The link will display the Vine icon alongside a link that displays the total vine loops you have accumulated over time. This would be great for those people who use Vine constantly as a measure to market themselves.

Unfortunately as of now these new features are currently available on Vine for iOS whereas the Android version will get the update later. However in the case of Twitter, the new updates have been rolled out for both Twitter for iOS and Android.


These new features have come rather late since Vine was bought and you may predict Twitter might do the same for Periscope, the live-streaming app they bought earlier this year. In the future, you might see your Twitter profile being used to showcase the other Twitter owned apps so that your followers can be able to access your content easily.