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Facebook’s People You May Know Suggestions Used This Loophole

Facebook’s People You May Know mystery has finally been revealed at least according to the 250 pages’ worth of Facebook documents published by a...

Vine’s Successor is Only Months Away From Being ‘Launched’

We can attribute the love for short form video to Vine and the formerly owned Twitter network made it incredibly popular. Vine managed to destroy the...
v2 development halted

Vine is Dead, Long Live Vine

A few weeks ago, we informed you that Vine was shutting down their service and would relaunch the app as Vine Camera. Well, Vine...

Vine App Will Become Vine Camera In Under 2 Weeks

The Vine Camera update has been given an official date for release.

The Vine App Has Been Given A New Lease In Life

This is actually not a bad move from the company

Vine Could Get A Buyer According To A Report

The Vine saga continues

Giphy Wants You To Convert Your Vines Into GIFs With This Tool

Giphy, the popular online portal for accessing GIFs has created a tool for you to migrate your Vines and to turn them into GIFs

Pornhub Wants To Buy Vine

Well well well...Pornhub apparently wants to buy Vine as shown in a letter that was addressed to Twitter's CEO

Twitter is Killing Off Vine

Well Twitter has decided to kill off Vine, which is rather shocking

Vine’s New Soundwave Button Is What You Need To Make Your Vine Go Viral

Vine introduced the soundwave button that is the thing that will make your video become viral even if you don't have video editing skills

Twitter ups its video platform and introduces monetization opportunities for Vine creators

Video is usually a big deal in social media sites and these companies know that it leads to higher engagement on the platform which...

Reports suggest Twitter and Vine are discussing paying top Vine stars

Vine became popular because of its unique 6 second videos which seemed insane at the time but actually worked and gave us memorable videos. It...

Leonardo diCaprio won an Oscar but still got memed

The Academy Awards, or better known as the Oscars were held early today and the web was only focused on one category: The Best...

Vine Gets what Twitter Struggles to get Right

Vine, the video sharing platform owned by Twitter that allows you to share 6 second videos has been a hit with users worldwide for...

Vine celebrated 3 years of existence by showcasing the most memorable vines

Vine has been one of my favourite social networks due to its unique 6 sec videos that has revealed over time people can generate...

Vine will now show you posts that you may like in a dedicated channel

Vine, the popular social network that lets you watch 6 second videos can be very addictive due to how creative some of the videos...
Twitter and Vine will be more connected than ever

Your Twitter and Vine Account will be more Connected than ever

Twitter bought Vine 3 years ago and the unique thing about it is the way people shared very short (6 seconds) video in the...
Kenyatta vine

President Uhuru Kenyatta Finally outs his first Vine

President Uhuru Kenyatta has released his first Vine post where he speaks only 9 words “A country that epitomizes the transformational power of possibility”....

4 Platforms Masaku 7s Organizers Can Use to Effectively Broadcast The Tournament

Masaku 7s  is a rugby tournament has become quite popular thanks to social media. Last year, thousands attended the tournament and I'm quite...

Vine now allows users to upload existing videos on your phone

It's been a long time coming! Vine's mobile applications are receiving an update that will allow users to upload videos that they shot earlier...
Mario Gotze

Your Popular Vine And GIFs of Premier League Goals Will Be Taken Down, Be Warned

Yes you heard that right. FIFA apparently does not like that you enjoy watching football enough to document it with Vines and GIFs. And...

Vine finally comes to Windows Phone

Remember the Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi several weeks ago? That was the venue where it was announced that the likes of Vine,...
Vine on Windows Phone

Vine app announced for Windows Phone

Nokia at the Nokia World keynote has today announced that Vine is live on Windows Phone. This announcement was done by Stephen Elop, Nokia...

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