Vine finally comes to Windows Phone


Vine for windows phone

Remember the Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi several weeks ago? That was the venue where it was announced that the likes of Vine, Instagram and other big name apps that are not yet available on Windows Phone will finally be coming to the platform. While we will be seeing Instagram land on Windows Phone soon, the coming soon tag is no longer applicable or Vine. The popular 6-second video sharing site owned by Twitter has taken the world by storm and has seen a company recently use a Vine (video) as a full-featured commercial on TV.

If you are a #WinPhan or just someone with a Windows Phone device around you and love making random recordings that you are well at liberty with sharing with your connected friends then this is one app worth taking a look at. Its available on the Windows Phone store. It even has a Live tile that you can pin on your start screen. Features like an on-screen grid and ghost mode for animation and time-lapse editing are included in the app and it has full functionality just like you have been enjoying it on iOS and Android. There’s also an Explore section for you to discover new content that has been shared by the other users. The app is easily accessible from the camera app too.

Vine zoomed past the 13 million user mark mid this year and later in August it hit the 40 million mark and its presence on the Windows Phone platform finally allows all those nice camera modules in the Lumias to have some new exciting job to do.