Twitter is Killing Off Vine



Well this is a shocker.

Twitter and Vine have announced that they are shutting down the Vine mobile app which is undoubtedly surprising since it has only been around for around 4 years now. “Today, we are sharing the news that in the coming months, we’ll be discontinuing the mobile app,” the company said in a Medium post.

This brings to an end of a social network that was relatively small but had a huge impact in the social media space. It was bought by Twitter on October of 2012 and it made sense since it followed Twitter’s philosophy of letting people share brief content.

Vine created an interesting community which led to the rise of popular Viners like King Bach who has actually become famous and transcended it thanks to the network. It was also the place to discover new music since Viners were notoriously known for including new songs into their Vines and if it became popular, it furthered the popularity of the song.

You may be wondering what will happen to your current stash of posts in Vine. The company has said that nothing will happen to your apps, Vines or the website today and you will be able to access and download them. They will keep the website online as some sort of museum to see the “incredible Vines that have been made” and if there will be any changes, Vine will notify the users.

This is also surprising since they recently announced programs like the monetization program or the new soundwave button for adding soundtracks to your Vines.


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