Vine’s New Soundwave Button Is What You Need To Make Your Vine Go Viral

Only available on iOS



Vine is a small but rather influential social platform thanks to its catchy 6 second long videos that is a mixture of a random act plus quirky soundtracks. The soundtracks are especially important since for a while, Vine was the place to identify the latest songs since popular Viners use them which make them rather popular when they are shared on other platforms.

Vine has definitely noticed the fact that soundtracks are important in making vines and that is why they introduced a Soundwave button.

Only available for iPhones, there is a new soundwave button which will allow you to add sounds to your Vines so as to add dramatic effects to them. Previously, you had to know how to use video editing software to do this but Vine has made it easy for iPhone users to do this right within the app.

When you are done recording a vine, you only need to go to the details page and you will see the new button at the centre among the other other options. According to Vine, the selection includes the famous Why you always lyin sound effect to fresh avocado to Lebron James and among others. You can also record a sound clip and use it which can be good if you can’t find that specific soundtrack that you want.

This is a good move by the company to make sure that the community is able to generate more awesome content and the possibilities are endless. They promise to add more sounds in the future and we now wait to see when it will be rolled out to Android phones.


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