Vine App Will Become Vine Camera In Under 2 Weeks


Last year, Twitter dropped the news that they were shutting down Vine, their much-loved social network that let people upload and share 6 second long videos. The main reason they decided to axe off the social network since it was unsustainable and the company was looking for ways to return to profitability.

Later on, Twitter said that Vine would be converted into a regular camera app that will let you download your Vines and make 6 second long videos. They also said that these will happen on January this year although not specifically saying when until now.

According to a help page on Vine on the FAQ section, they outlined the exact date we will be able to download Vine Camera (January 17th). You will be able to make 6.5 second looping videos that you will post on Twitter or save it on your gallery. The looping videos from Vine Camera that were shared on Twitter will loop if they are under 6.5 seconds.

The Vine Camera will be a stripped version of the current Vine app so you will no longer be able to download your Vines. You have 12 days remaining to use the Vine app to download your treasured Vines although you can still do this on their website. If you had captions or comments attached to the Vines, you will be able to download their index.html files from which will include all that data.

Well the end of Vine is finally here and it is imperative right now to save your memorable Vines before it becomes a regular camera app with a famous name.

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