The Vine App Has Been Given A New Lease In Life


Vine for windows phone

The sudden demise of Vine was one of the most shocking moves made by Twitter this year, as the social network was quite pivotal in generating a significant potion of today’s Internet pop culture. Twitter assured its Vine users that the content they created will be kept for the memories and companies like Giphy introduce a tool that would help you save your vines as GIFs.

Well, we all thought that the Vine app would be discontinued but the company decided to give it a new lease in life. According to the company, the Vine app will now be turned into a camera app, of sorts.

The new app will be called Vine Camera which is a stripped down version of the former app that will let you do Vine stuff like making six second looping videos which you can post on Twitter. The app will also allow you to download your Vines from the app or website, which is quite crucial for people who were concerned about their losing their looping videos.

That is not all, Twitter is planning extra functionality for the app. They will add a “Follow on Twitter” button that will allow your Vine followers to follow you on Twitter.

According to the company, this update will be pushed on January next year, which is not too far away to start making new looping videos and downloading your cherished uploads. This is a perfect ending to a much loved app and it could mean an emergence of 6 second looping videos on Twitter.

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