Giphy Wants You To Convert Your Vines Into GIFs With This Tool

Giphy is taking advantage of Vine's shutdown



On Thursday, Twitter announced that they are shutting Vine which was shocking since it was a network that was loved by so many people. This led to people reposting some of their favourite Vines on the network which most of them were tagged under the #RIPVINE hashtag.

Twitter might have made Vine obsolete but that does not mean other people have not noticed its potential. Pornhub for example apparently wants to buy Vine from Twitter for obvious reasons and they went ahead to say that they would preserve the “gems” that were published on the site.

The allure of Vine seems to still shine bright and it is further shown by Giphy’s interest. According to a post the made on Medium, the company wants to allow you to convert your Vines into GIFs.

As you know GIFs are looping photos made from several photo frames and they are just really low quality videos in concept. “We wanted to add another fun way for loops to live on,” they said on the post and Giphy has outed a tool that will help you do that.

The tool will work when you have a Giphy account so you may have to register for one first. Afterwards you can now copy and paste the link of your Vine profile and then hit the “import” button. Giphy will later notify you via email when they are done importing your entire library of Vines to their site.

You might be concerned about the sound data that is contained in your Vines and Giphy iterates that they will keep all the source data for each Vine which is kinda cool.

This is an interesting take to preserve the awesome content that was housed on Vine into Giphy which will be very beneficial for the latter.


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