Vine Gets what Twitter Struggles to get Right



Vine, the video sharing platform owned by Twitter that allows you to share 6 second videos has been a hit with users worldwide for its unique niche and the creativity online. It demonstrated that videos are big bets and made other social networks embed natively video players in their platforms later on.

The company announced 3 new features to the Vine mobile apps and strangely one of them is what Twitter users have been asking for the longest time

Editing captions

This is one of those features that has not been rolled out to Twitter in its almost 10 year existence. Ironically, one of its apps, Vine has been given the ability to let users edit captions. This is only available on the Android app where you only need to tap on the “…” button when you need to edit your caption. This feature will be later on be rolled out on the iOS version soon

Vine sorting

Vines are now sorted according to the Newest, Oldest or Popular so that you can keep up with the vines of your choice

3D touch support

The new iPhones brought about a new feature, 3D touch which has led to developers updating their apps to support that functionality. Vine has finally updated the iOS app so that users can be able to use that functionality right from the springboard.

Vine is now 3 years old and it is rather young when compared to other networks. As it continues with its complete integration with its parent company Twitter like what they announced earlier, we could see the editing functionality being ported to Twitter soon rather than later.