Reports suggest Twitter and Vine are discussing paying top Vine stars


Vine on Windows Phone

Vine became popular because of its unique 6 second videos which seemed insane at the time but actually worked and gave us memorable videos. It also made certain people famous like King Bach who is actually the most followed person on Vine and his vines have accumulated a total of over 5.7 billion loops.

Viners like him are the reason why most people log in on Vine so they have some form of leverage on the company and its parent company, Twitter. According to BuzzFeed News, they received information that some of the “top talent” from Vine met with Twitter and Vine executives. “There is no war or bad blood, the creators just want to be treated fairly. Right now they are trying to figure this out,” one top creator told be publication.

Vine has been around since 2013 and these creators have gained massive loyal fan bases that cannot simply be ignored by the company. “Three and a half years is a long time to have us posting on your platform free” one creator told BuzzFeed, “We’ve had a lot of our top creators find a lot of success on YouTube, a lot of success on Facebook right now”

Social networks have one thing in common: User generated content and we have reached a point where some of these content creators are valuable enough to be noticed by the social networks. This is why YouTube announced YouTube Red which includes content from top YouTubers where you pay a premium fee. Other social networks like Tsu will pay you for your posts and this seems like the direction some companies will take so as to keep their user bases happy and contented.