Google’s Paid Service Youtube Red Drops Ads for Users

YouTube Red

YouTube Red

3 months ago, YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojciki talked about the company launching a subscription service initially named Music Key at the end of the year. It was finally made official under a new name: YouTube Red.

YouTube Red is an ad free subscription service for $9.99 a month that lets you watch videos on the site across all platforms. It is a package deal where you can enjoy videos on YouTube, YouTube Gaming and a new service called YouTube Music. YouTube Music will allow you to discover and listen to music and it also works with Google Play Music.

The goodies don’t end there, from next year, YouTube Red will become even more exclusive in that members will have access to content like original shows from YouTube’s biggest creators. Background playback is also supported and you can also save videos to view them while offline which is cool.

Unfortunately, only YouTube users in the US will be able to try YouTube Red for free for only one month starting October 28th whereas YouTube Music will be rolled out later.

The effect would be the shift by popular content creators publishing interesting content on YouTube Red while marginalizing the viewers who view their content on the good old ad supported YouTube. Another scenario would be that content creators might post longer videos on YouTube Red while posting shorter videos on the regular YouTube.

Google is offering a good deal bundling YouTube Music to the YouTube Red bundle which makes it a better deal on paper than other music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal for roughly the same price.

Would you pay for YouTube Red when it is available in your location?