Vine will now show you posts that you may like in a dedicated channel


vine personalized channels

Vine, the popular social network that lets you watch 6 second videos can be very addictive due to how creative some of the videos produced are. Due to the sheer number of vines produced, they are categorized under Gaming, Music, Weird, Animals, Art, Dance, Sports, The Zone, DIY, Places, News and of course the most popular channel: Comedy.

If you want to discover the most popular vines in the platform, you have to click on “Popular Now” to discover the most popular vines at the moment and “On the Rise” to discover vines that are gaining traction fast. You may end up discovering great content from a lot of users out there but personalization is limited to you following these accounts on Vine.

Now Vine announced that they have added another channel called “For You” which as the name suggests, will curate Vines based on your interests so that you won’t miss them. It will probably show you more vines of the personalities you frequently watch their Vines just like how YouTube shows you more videos based on your interests.

What does this mean for you as the Vine user? It means that it will be easy for you to keep up with Vines from your favourite viners from all over the world in one place and be able to recap what they posted earlier if you missed. Unfortunately, this feature is  only available to iOS users and Vine promises to roll it out to the Android app “before you know it”