Vine’s Successor is Only Months Away From Being ‘Launched’

Well...that is if it is launched 🤷‍♂️


We can attribute the love for short form video to Vine and the formerly owned Twitter network made it incredibly popular. Vine managed to destroy the notion that short form video was not viable for social networks and with it, it bore a ton of memorable videos that were turned into memes as well as spurn a whole new generation of celebrities who have since moved on to other platforms.

Ever since Twitter decided to kill off Vine in 2016, it has never been the same again. We have seen other people trying to come up with Vine competitors, but it has never been the same again.

Vine’s co-founder, Dom Hofmann said that we was planning to launch a successor to his popular video looping app in a tweet and  it will be called Byte. According to him, Byte will be launching in Spring of 2019.

Details about this new service are scarce and its website only shows a short description of the upcoming service and a text box for you to sign up for updates.

This is not the first time Dom Hofmann has hinted about developing Vine’s successor. Last year in December, he hinted that the service would be called V2 which got all us excited but its development ended up being halted 6 months ago.

So this development of a new service with the same intent is very surprising from him and we wonder whether he is serious about launching this service. At least we have some sort of launch date, but now it has to compete with the likes of TikTok which have taken over the short form video space.


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