A few weeks ago, we informed you that Vine was shutting down their service and would relaunch the app as Vine Camera. Well, Vine Camera is official and you can download it right now.
The new app lets you create six-seconds-long looping videos which you can then share directly to twitter, instagram, whatsapp or any other social media or just save them on your device. To make the video making process easier and better, the app includes some of the standard creation tools including multi-clip trimming, grid overlay, AF focus, and ghost tool.

Those who still want to access their vines, can do so from the Vine website. I did try the Vine camera and I honestly don’t like the video quality (and no, its not an android issue – I hope), so I immediately uninstalled it. Let this not deter you from enjoying the app though, your experience could be different from mine. Or not.

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  1. […] You probably know by now that Twitter killed off Vine, their famous video sharing platform that allowed people to share 6 second videos that were incredibly creative and contributed greatly to Internet culture. They went ahead to say that they will keep the precious archive and as consolation, they would convert the app into a normal camera app that they named Vine Camera. […]

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