Vine’s Successor Finally Gets a Name: V2


Vine was one of those social networks that was loved by people all around thanks to how users were able to make very interesting 6 second videos from them. Thanks to it, we’ve seen some people become stars from it and has contributed a lot to the Internet pop culture.

When Twitter decided to kill of Vine over a year ago, users were shocked and ended up sharing their best vines, especially on Twitter. The app was later repurposed as a camera app, but Vine left a gaping hole in the social media ecosystem due to its unique feel.

Luckily, we will have a successor. Late last month, one of Vine’s co-founders, Dom Hoffman said that he was going to work on a follow up to vine. He was funding it as a side project and was to share more information about it later.

Well today he decided to share one big snippet about this ‘successor’ about the new social network and it is the name.

The new successor to Vine is called V2 and it is rather appropriate. First of all, it seems to have retained Vine’s brand colours (white and green) and even the font style and is instantly recognizable as Vine at first hand.

He didn’t give more information about when we would be able to see the app but it is a sign that we might see this some time in the future. Naming the social network is a bold step and the void Vine left will be finally filled

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