Vine celebrated 3 years of existence by showcasing the most memorable vines


vine logo

Vine has been one of my favourite social networks due to its unique 6 sec videos that has revealed over time people can generate creative content even with the crazy at the time time restriction. It was quickly acquired by Twitter which made sense due to the shared similarities (brevity of content). It has undergone various changes over time and this is the latest one: A milestone achievement and a new feature.

The platform is now three years old and Vine decided to create a playlist which featured vines that were very popular on Vine. “They’re larger stories made up of many Vines, remixes and collaborations” the company said on their blog. In total, there were over 7 billion loops with the most looped video being about a match that took place during the unfortunate Paris bombing. You can clearly hear the blast in the background and the vine has nearly 350 million loops.

Vine also took the chance to introduce a very important feature which is Trends on Vine. This allows you to see the top trending vines currently. If you go on desktop, you will be able to see that they have been categorized according to popular vines like the Why you always lying or What Are Those? complete with the total amount of loops the vines got. This makes it easy to track these popular vines and their remixes and it is currently not on mobile but may get an update later on.

This is cool of Vine to do this and the decision to introduce Trends on Vine will make it easy to find and track vines that you love. Coupling this with the previous update where Vine suggests for you vines to watch, it will make using the platform easier and more personal.