Leonardo diCaprio won an Oscar but still got memed


The Academy Awards, or better known as the Oscars were held early today and the web was only focused on one category: The Best Actor award which featured a guy who has been trolled for not winning the prestigious award many times before. For as long as the new age social networks came to being, GIFs and memes of Leonardo DiCaprio not winning Best Actor for a film have been shared all over Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest…you name it.

Act 1: The classic Leo-is-yet-to-win-an-Oscar troll fest

When Leo was nominated for an Oscar but someone else wins it.

hold it together leo

But on the inside, he was like:


His friend, Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar before him.


This action made Leo mad. MAD!

leo hitting the oscar award

But still, he dreamt of winning the Best Actor Award.


Act 2: Just before the announcement.

New memes started popping up about Leo’s chances of winning the Oscar on Twitter and Vine.

The Can-you-help-Leo-catch-the-trophy Vine

Someone made a flip book of Leo waking up to take the award…and there is a twist

The next three tweets are all about ridiculing Dicaprio’s chances of winning.

Act 3: The moment of Glory

Alas! on 29th February 2016, Leonardo diCaprio finally won the Best Actor in a leading role for the movie “The Revenant.” In a flash, all the memes for not winning an Oscar were now null and void. People had to come up with new ones and epic reactions and they didn’t disappoint.


Di Caprio finally won that award and the general sentiment is people think he should have won it eons ago. But all the same, you can bet there will be a party in his house, Great Gatsby style.
great gatsby