Instagram announces new tools for businesses to populate your feed with ads



Instagram has become of the most important platforms for Facebook and it is thanks to its money minting potential. Over time, Facebook has boosted its abilities to attract businesses to advertise in its platform and that has led it to garner over 200,000 advertisers. It is still far from being ideal for businesses and that is why they are bound to make some changes.

A week ago, a report suggested that Instagram had baked an interesting addition to the code of the app that would suggest that they would introduce boosted posts just like what we see on Facebook. Well now, the feature is now official and includes two other new tools targeted for businesses.

Promoted posts


Instagram will now allow you to launch promoted posts and it works just like how businesses do it on Facebook. You only need to pick a well performing post on your feed, choose the target audience or let Instagram do that for you and the ad will be promoted as long as you wish.

Business profiles


This was rumoured at the beginning of the month and it was targeted at making Instagram accounts of brands be like their Facebook Pages and now it is official. A brand will be able to add their contact details (phone number and email address) which will be accessed by the target clientele via the contact button. Businesses will be able to add their location on the profile so that people will find their physical locations easy.


This is important for businesses to track how their ads are performing. Right from their mobile app, businesses will be able to know which are their best performing posts which will help them learn more about their target audience.

These tools will be available to select countries (US, New Zealand and Australia) in the next few months and will be rolled out globally by the end of the year.

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