WhatsApp for Android Beta Adds The Ability to Quote Messages



WhatsApp was geared to make communication between people easier but as the years progressed, other competing platforms started to introduce features that were not available on the app.

It seems WhatsApp is testing a feature that I dearly love on Telegram: The ability to quote a message. This actually comes in handy since during a fast paced chat, it is easy to lose track of the conversation and this will help in replying to the third party’s queries more efficiently.

quick reply on whatsapp


It is quite easy to make a quick reply on this version of WhatsApp. When the other party sends a message, you only need to long press on it which activates the quick reply button at the top (one that looks like a back button next to the star button).That move will allow you to add a quote on that specific message. If you didn’t want to quote on the message, there is an ‘x’ at the top right to remove the quoting functionality.

An interesting thing to point out is that when you quote your friend’s message, it is given a purple/plum ribbon and when you quote your own message, it is given a green ribbon, presumably to make it easier to identify them. This also works in WhatsApp groups and actually it is a great addition to track messages within the flurry of messages being sent.

This specific functionality is available on ver. 2.16.118 which is a beta version that you can download on APK Mirror. It is recommended you uninstall the WhatsApp version you have on your phone before sideloading this specific version for it to work. I like the feature and it will definitely make conversations worthwhile on WhatsApp.

Tip from Android Police