Twitter’s Revamped Blocking Feature is Now More Effective Than Ever



People can be unnecessarily mean on social networking sites and this has led these sites to equip users with tools to weed out these trolls from your feed. The most common tools of controlling who to engage with on social media are the block and mute buttons. Twitter has these features inbuilt to weed out trolls from your mentions but the block button has not been that effective.

Well, that has changed thanks to an update where you will be able to block trolls completely. Initially, when you blocked someone, they would not be able to see your profile, couldn’t follow you or send you a DM but they could see some of your tweets in the form of retweets or quoted retweets. These loopholes have been fixed by the company and it was explained by a spokeswoman to the Huffington Post: “Now, when you block someone, you’ll be able to prevent them from contacting you or seeing your tweets in any form when logged in.”

This means from now on, the blocking functionality will be more effective as previously the mute button was more effective in “erasing” any trace of the person you didn’t want to see on your timeline. A year ago, Twitter made a significant change to its blocking feature where you can share block lists so as to prevent the tedious process of blocking individuals one by one. This new move by the company will further improve their efforts of curbing harassment on their network which has been cited as a huge challenge to the 10 year old company.


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