Facebook Wants to Help You Acknowledge Your Father Figures with Father’s Day Stickers

Via Mashable

Father’s Day is fast approaching and it will be commemorated on June 19th and Facebook wants to help you appreciate your dad with a variety of stickers.

According to Mashable, this sticker pack is called “Fatherly Love.” It will showcase a variety of stickers that apparently will “feature fathers of all cultures, family types and background” from a statement made by a spokesperson from Facebook.

From the above illustration, some of these stickers will include ones like Best Grandpa, thanks dad!, congrats dad and among others. According to the publication, these stickers are not available right now but they will be available on June 17th which is this coming Friday, 2 days before Father’s Day.

This does not mean that we currently don’t have Father’s Day themed stickers already within Facebook. When you are commenting on someone’s post, you can access the sticker panel by tapping on the emoji button. If you make a search query like “Father’s Day”, you will be presented with three stickers ( in my case) that feature alien/monster dads for some reason. Facebook might decide to populate the new stickers in this section during Father’s Day.

This is a continuing tradition that is being upheld by Facebook as they did a similar thing for Mother’s Day. They introduced a temporary reaction emoji on Facebook on Mother’s Day which was purple flower rightly named “Thankful”. For Messenger, it was a bit different where to celebrate Mother’s Day, you could send a message that was adorned with a laurel of flowers around the message bubble.