Telegram Rolls Out Several New Features Which Includes One We See in Email



Telegram released several features for its messaging app for the various platforms that are seemed to be geared in replacing email.

The first update is introducing Drafts. Drafts is not a new feature in the emailing world or in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter but it is indeed new for the messaging apps like Telegram. In this update, any unfinished message will be visible in your chat list with a clear “draft” moniker. One of the best thing about Telegram is that it is cloud based and this ultimately means that you would create a draft message on your phone and can carry on to complete it when you login on your computer.

The next feature is specifically for iOS users where you will see a new button on the bottom right corner that will allow you to shrink the video. This picture-in-picture mode will allow you to continue watching a video by dragging it around while chatting within Telegram. For Android users, there is a new inbuilt video player that is available for devices running Jellybean (Android 4.1) and later.

Other changes include a scroll to bottom  button and unread messages counter that have been effected to Android and Telegram Messenger for desktop. Telegram desktop now sports blue unread message counters within the app which goes well with the theme of the app but that has not been effected for the persistent taskbar unread notification tab which is still red. In addition for iOS and Android, this latest version will allow you to view earlier profile pictures for groups.