Reports Indicate That The PSCU Has Been Disbanded

This was unexpected

Via PSCU Twitter handle

According to a report by Citizen TV, apparently State house has disbanded the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit which is well known by its acronym PSCU over “concerns of unstructured communications.”

From the source who gave the publication the information, there was a memo signed by Nzioka Waita who was appointed this year as the Deputy State House Chief of Staff and Deputy Head of Public service that sent packing 4 directors who were in charge of various departments in PSCU. The directors who were affected include the well known Dennis Itumbi who was the Digital and Diaspora Communications Director, Munyori Buku (Senior Director PR), James Kinyua (Branding and Events Director) and Eric Ng’eno (Head of Messaging at the Presidency. However, apparently the State House spokesperson and head of communication, Manoah Esipisu was not affected by the change.

Going back to the reason of the disbandment it was due to “unstructured communications that have been sent out in the recent past” which you can guess is through the numerous channels the organization sends out information to the public. Apparently, PSCU is not going anywhere since “it will be reconstituted in the shortest time possible with emphasis on more organized communication.”

This major news comes at a time when PSCU launched another medium to convey information to the public via a Telegram Channel. The reconstitution of the PSCU team will be interesting to watch and we will have to see if they will come with a different strategy in conveying information from the Presidency to the general public.


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