Facebook is Testing a Composer That Will Translate Your Posts to Multiple Languages

Language barriers will now be broken further



Facebook is a huge global community with a monthly active user base of over 1.65 billion and naturally, these people speak and understand different languages. Language barrier is a big problem for social networks like Facebook and we have seen networks coming up with translators of some kind.

Now Facebook has announced a solution to this problem which is a multilingual composer. This composer will allow you to compose a single post which would be translated into several languages so that your diverse audience will see it only in their preferred language. They had rolled it to Pages earlier in the year but now they are testing it for individuals which is awesome. Speaking of Pages, Facebook revealed since it was launched for Pages earlier than individuals, it is currently being used by over 5000 pages who post collectively nearly 10,000 times on average.

So how will your audience see the translated posts? Well, their preferred language setting and location matters the most here. When Facebook was testing with Pages, they got feedback that they preferred their followers see the posts in the language they understood and as a solution, the company decided to use their individual language preferences and locales. If there is no match between the language the post was written in and the person’s preferred language, the person will be shown the original post plus the “See Translation” tool to see the post in their language of choice.

This is a very good implementation by Facebook to further on break the language barrier that is on social network. Instagram, a Facebook subsidiary also rolled out a language translation tool but not of its mothership nature but important nonetheless. As the company revealed that 50% of Facebook users speak a language other than English, it has been imperative to make such a change.

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  1. I wouldn’t want any post I intend to read translated to Swahili,it would be disastrous!

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