Facebook Messenger now has a billion active users just like WhatsApp

Watch out WhatsApp



It was bound to happen any time soon and they have finally done it. Facebook has announced that Messenger, their messaging platform now registers a billion active users every month.

David Marcus,  Facebook’s VP of Messaging products announced the new milestone today on his social media accounts. “Humbled to serve over a billion people every month on Messenger,” he says in the post on Facebook which also includes a photo of the Messenger team outside their offices.

Messenger has quite the transformation over a relatively very short period. Facebook transformed it from its roots as a chat application on the site to its own independent platform that does not need a Facebook account as a requirement to sign up. It also has other cool features like a budding ecosystem that includes games and apps that work within Messenger and cool integration like the Uber one.  Facebook has also of late positioned Messenger as a business tool thanks to the introduction of Messenger codes and a bot platform that allows developers to create bots that interact with their customers. We have also seen Facebook trying to replace apps thanks to advancements like booking of airline tickets within Messenger or offering concierge services (Facebook M for example).

Since now Facebook Messenger has finally caught up with its sister messaging app, Whatsapp in terms of active users, we only have to wait and see when it will surpass it and play catch up to Facebook’s count. It is also the third app from the company to hit a billion active users which shows Facebook’s might in this new age that we are living in.

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