Facebook Will Be Sending You a Happy Birthday Wish In Form of a Video Montage



Facebook is always looking for ways to make sure that its 1.7 billion active users communicate constantly in its network and one of the ways they do that is by bombarding us with our friend’s birthdays so that we can wish them a good one.

9 months ago, Facebook was testing another level of wishing your friend a happy birthday where you could send a “birthday video” on their timeline. That was so long ago and we thought they had forgotten it but they didn’t, since they have come up with something entirely different.

According to Facebook, more than a 100 million birthay posts are made each day which is a large statistic by any measure. To further grow this number, Facebook’s new feature Birthday Videos involve the company using algorithms of course to stitch together messages from your friends and photos you’ve been tagged as a video.

This video montage will appear on your News Feed after your birthday as a happy birthday message from Facebook. It will be a 45 second video will also include an animated birthday cake that opens up to reveal the photo and post montage from your friends. You will have the ability to edit the montage if necessary and if you feel the need to share this video to your friends, you can do so just like how we do with Memories on Facebook.

This is a cool concept from the company as it tries to make your experience on the network as personal as ever. You will start seeing these Birthday Videos starting this week. Check out how it would look like in the video below.


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