Facebook is Testing “Wish Happy Birthday” Video Button

facebook for iOS birthday video
via The Next Web

Over the years, we have used Facebook to wish our friends “Happy Birthday” by posting on their walls. This has transcended over time where now people also include the several birthday related emojis that are available. Now, Facebook is testing another more personal way to wish someone a happy birthday by posting a video on their walls

According to a report by the Next Web, for a subsection of iOS users, you can take a “birthday video” of upto 20 seconds. You only need to go to the birthday notification, video button that looks like a skeuomorph of a vintage camera and record a video message for your friend. You can then review the video after which you post on your friend’s wall.

facebook for iOS birthday video
via The Next Web

The effect of this is that you may end up having a stream of video messages on your profile when it is your birthday which is better than the traditional text based ones. It is still not clear if the videos will self-destruct automatically, be rolled out to the Android app and desktop or if there will be an option for the person to download them

Twitter also recently added a “add your birthday” option where people would see floating balloons on your profile if they clicked “Today is your birthday” link on your profile. This however can be seen as a way to get more demographic data for their audience insights platform for advertisers. For Facebook however, they already have the demographic data, so this is only a way for making people be more active in sending wishes, which has become stale over the years to be honest.

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