Kenya’s Little Cab Gets a Little Hiccup Resulting in Name Change

Safaricom Little

Little Cab, an app and taxi service by Craft Silicon and Safaricom is onto it’s first hurdle, (well, if you count the massive price drop by Uber, it’s the second one) that of trade mark. Craft Silicon CEO Kamal Bugdabatti mentioned that they developed the app within a month, but as you know there are other components that go into making a business. Turns out they dropped the ball as far as Trade mark is concerned.

Someone went ahead and registered the name Little Cab as a trade mark and now the duo of Craft Silicon and Safaricom cannot trade in that name. The person who registered the Little Cab trademark already went to court to stop Safaricom from trading in that name. We do not know whether the individual’s motive was to trade in the name way before Little Cab was conceived or they just hopped onto an opportunity to reap where the Waiyaki way giants sowed.

Little cab has since moved to re-brand the app and will now go with the trade name “Little” as seen in the marketing banner for a jazz event happening later today. Little Cab did a soft launch and have mentioned that they are yet to aggressively market the service as they fine-tune the product.

We do hope they have their little ducks in a row this time round.

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