Looks Like Facebook Live Just Went Live for All Android Users in Kenya

One year later, it looks like we can all, finally, use Facebook Live



Facebook Live has been around for a while now. The feature, which lets Facebook users interact with their fans and friends in real time over a live stream was launched last August. Back then, it was exclusive to a few high profile users, mostly celebrities and a few weeks later, verified pages. Towards the end of January, its availability was expanded to all iOS users in the US and back in April, it became available to even more users and pages.

However, for mobile users in certain markets, Facebook Live has not been available. That is now changing as the feature appears to be available in several countries where users couldn’t go live yet like Kenya and India.

In Kenya, for instance, we could go live using our Techweez Facebook page but not using our individual profiles. Since yesterday, that is now possible. I am not too sure about iOS, though, since I don’t have an iOS device lying around. The feature was live on pages there as well and if India is anything to go by, iPhone users in Kenya should be able to “FaceTime on Facebook”. Whatever. I’m not sure if this is where we celebrate or something but what a way to start the weekend!

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