Twitter Adds Night Mode to the iOS app


Twitter logo

Apps on smartphones predominantly have a white background but consuming content with such a background can be a pain during really low light situations. One of the answers to this problem has been the inclusion of a “night mode” which offers a dark background so that you won’t be blinded by the usual white background.

Twitter was testing that feature for a while on the Android app until they made the feature official recently. Naturally, the next question would have been: “When is the iOS app going to be updated with Night Mode?“ Well, the company has answered your question where they officially announced that Night Mode on iOS will be rolled out starting today.

It is rather easy to activate this feature. You only need to go to your profile, tap on the gear icon, and click on” turn on night mode.” It looks exactly like the Android implementation with the navy blue background and if you want to disable it, you only need to go back to the gear icon, tap it and turn it off. In comparison with the Android implementation which follows Material design, you activate/deactivate it using a toggle that you see on a menu that is revealed by making a gesture.

This update will finally satisfy iOS users who probably felt that they were left behind in the update. We only now wish that the night mode integration was automatic where there could be an option of setting a specific time for it to be activated.