Twitter Goes Mushy Over Kenya’s National Anthem

How cool is this!

kenyan flag rio 2016

kenyan flag rio 2016

The Olympics are usually one of those few events that draw a lot of viewership since athletes from around the world compete in the myriad of sporting events. This iteration of the Olympics was held in Rio during a time where social media use has become part and parcel of our lives and hence people watched the events on the TV while commenting about them on social media.

One of the more notable events when they present the medals to the winners is the part where the national anthem of the gold medallist ‘s country of origin is usually played. Well, Kenya bagged a gold in the men’s marathon in the last day of the Olympics which meant that the national anthem was the last one to be played. Interesting enough, people from around the world posted about their praise over the Kenya national anthem on Twitter when it was played before the closing ceremony.

It was majestic

It was beautiful

It was classy

My favourite: It’s like a movie score

Our national anthem made some emotional (which is a good thing)

Gave me goosebumps

It was moving

Others wished to hear its vocals

It is soo cool

Stirringly beautiful. Interesting adverb choice there

As you can see, people love our anthem and it is not the first time it has been played before the closing ceremony. We have been fortunate enough to win the the gold medal in the last day too at previous tournaments where our national anthem was proudly played and it has the potential of being one of our top pop culture references.


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