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kenyan flag rio 2016

Twitter Goes Mushy Over Kenya’s National Anthem

The Olympics are usually one of those few events that draw a lot of viewership since athletes from around the world compete in the...

Tweeting Videos of the Rio Olympics May Get Your Account Shut Down

The Olympics are on and as usual, there's the fair amount of drama that accompanies them that interests us. On Friday, this screengrab of an...

Facebook Wants You To Keep Up With The Rio Olympics on Its Platform

The Olympics are one of those sporting events that are watched all over the world and solely by the size of the audience, social...
Galaxy S III Hotel checkin Olympics

See how Samsung Smart Hotel solution for Olympics works

Samsung, the official worldwide Olympic partner for mobile communications went further than just provide wireless telecommunications equipment for the Olympic guys, but made hotel...
Support Team Kenya

Multichoice launches #supportTeamKenya campaign online

It's that season again, when Kenya goes out to the Olympics and fetches the medals like they were made specifically for them. Kenyans want...

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